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Yesterday I watched SNOWGLOBE, a movie where Christina Milian finds her perfect Christmas while stuck inside a snowglobe. I found the ending horrifying -- it suggests that the world is an infinite string of nested snowglobes, its characters preferring to retreat into Christmas-themed fantasies instead of investigating which world is real. Today, when I stumbled across A SNOW GLOBE CHRISTMAS, also starring Christina Milian, I found myself excited to revisit that frightening universe, looking forward to seeing whether Angela had realized she was living a lie and had escaped into reality or whether, more disturbingly, she had decided she just didn't care.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that A SNOW GLOBE CHRISTMAS is not a sequel to SNOWGLOBE, and is in fact a second, completely unrelated movie where Christina Milian explores the ideas of holiday-themed, snowglobe-encapsulated perfection.

A SNOW GLOBE CHRISTMAS doesn't bother with any pretense. This plot IS the result of a trauma -- the main character (played by Alicia Witt) throws a snowglobe at the ground and it bounces up and smacks her in the head, knocking her unconscious. The entire movie is her fevered coma-dream, a borderline-incoherent examination of quaint small-town holiday boredom.

The main character, Meg, is a director who has made a career out of directing limp, uninspired, clichéd made-for-TV Christmas movies not unlike A SNOW GLOBE CHRISTMAS. When she decides to keep her crew working late on Christmas Eve -- why anyone would be filming a made-for-TV Christmas movie any time during December, I have no idea (no, seriously, was it supposed to air later that night? who cares about Christmas movies after December 24th?) -- Meg is visited by a Salvation Army bell-ringer who encourages her to smash her Christmas snowglobe and stop trying to capture perfect Christmases onscreen. This bell-ringer is played by Christina Milian; in a sense, the student from SNOWGLOBE has now become the teacher. She's a hybrid of the mailman from SNOWGLOBE and the ghost from CHRISTMAS CUPID, popping up at important (and unimportant) moments to guide Meg back onto the path of being a decent human being, with a little help from a snowglobe-induced coma.

Once inside her coma dream, a.k.a. once she wakes up in the too-perfect world inside her snowglobe, Meg finds herself married to Ted (Donald Faison), a college boyfriend she had long since forgotten about. They have two kids together. They live in a small town. They're in charge of the local Christmas pageant (imaginatively titled "Christmas Pageant: A Musical"). And also, Meg has gone completely insane from the experience of waking up in a life she doesn't remember. She is prone to stopping people on the street and screaming in their faces about movie sets, running away in the middle of the night, and insisting to her husband that she's not his wife and that his wife has been replaced with a clone.

After she attempts to kill herself by leaping from her rooftop (no, seriously), Christina Milian's friendly neighborhood Ghost of Christmas Snowglobes Present, Past, Future, and Frightening shows up while dressed as a construction worker. She asks Meg if she can ask her a question, and Meg responds, "Given that you're the personification of a deep physical trauma and/or a psychotic break? Yeah, knock yourself out."

For a minute, I was worried that the movie was going in the direction of deciding that Ted was right -- that Meg should just slip forever into the unconsciousness void of the snowglobe, and that our reality out here in the real world is nothing more than the fevered dream of somebody who lives in a toy. But then the mayor shows up and tells them that he's evicting them from their house and they have three days until he cuts down the whole forest on Christmas Day and the plot officially leaps over the edge into utter nonsense and I really have no idea what was going on for the rest of the movie.

A strict television executive, Meg, is left alone on Christmas by her boyfriend, Eric, who went to Las Vegas. While Meg is pushing her staff to work on the holidays she is visited by an angel named Sal, who has a freak accident involving a snow globe, and is knocked unconscious. She wakes up in a perfect town with a lovely family, her ex-boyfriend from college Ted and their two perfect children. Convinced this situation has been brought on by a concussion or a joke her boyfriend and staff are playing on her she goes along with it. When she wakes the next day she learns she is still stuck in an alternate reality and tries to understand why she is there and how she can get back to her boyfriend Eric and life in the city.

Meg wakes up still on set where she was filming before a snow globe knocked her out. She says she feels fine and sends her staff to go home to be with their family. She then takes a trip to the real Ted's house, when she talks to him she learns that he made the snow globe that caused her concussion. She sees a photograph on his tree that looks like the angel from her dream, it turns out to be Ted's mom who was trying to bring them together. Meg and Ted both going to grab the snow globe at the same time leading to them holding hands. The movie then jumps 10 years where we see Meg and Ted preparing for the holidays with their children, the same ones from Megs dream.

Snowglobe is a 2007 television film directed by Ron Lagomarsino and starring Christina Milian, Josh Cooke and Matt Keeslar. The film was produced by ABC Family and first aired on December 15, 2007 in their 25 Days of Christmas programming block.

Angela loves Christmas more than anything. However, her family does not share her love for the holiday at all. When she is about to break down because of her family, she receives a peculiar snowglobe in the mail. When she winds up the snowglobe before going to sleep, she is transported into the world inside, where Christmas is the heart and soul of the kindly, childlike inhabitants. She discovers she can return to her world by going down a small path in the little forest at the edge of the village, and can return whenever she winds up the snowglobe.

After a long set of visits to this dream world, she is secretly followed by snowglobe inhabitant Douglas Holiday, Angela's friend who introduces himself to her family. This is extremely confusing for Angela's relatives, and since Angela does not want to explain to her folks where Douglas comes from, she takes him on a tour of the city. Douglas is delighted because he has never seen so much and is astonished. However, he can not understand the rudeness of some people. The next day Angela asks her neighbor Eddie to take care of Douglas during the day as she also has to go to work on Christmas. Eddie finds Douglas' behavior and naïvety a bit strange, but puts up with it for the sake of Angela. But when Angela comes to her apartment, she not only finds half her family and Douglas, but also Douglas' snowglobe friend Marie, who has also found her way out. Angela tries to tell Douglas and Marie that they need to get back in the globe because that's their home. When Angela shows them the globe and presses the music box, only she is transported inside, and the globe falls to the ground, destroying the windup mechanism. Angela immediately tries to get out, but she is trapped. She is afraid to stay in the mini-world forever and everything that she had liked about it so far, she suddenly finds annoying. Someone takes pity on Angela and she is surprisingly sent a new snow globe. This time her house is in there, and so she comes back to her apartment where Eddie greets her joyfully. Douglas and Marie can also return to their world after Eddie carefully inserts the new ball clock into the old snow globe.

The film received generally favorable reviews. On Netflix, Snowglobe received overwhelming positive user reviews and currently has a rating of 3.8 stars. Additionally, Milian won Best Actress (Television) from the 2008 Imagen Foundation Awards.[4]

Handmade Christmas cards are the best cards to receive at Christmas time. This snow globe template card is easy to make with our free printable. You will love making this with your kids!

Amazon has ushered in the festive period with its new Christmas ad, 'Joy is Made'. Directed by Taika Waititi, it tells the story of a father connecting with his daughter over the shared joy of a snow globe.

To do this, Amazon enlisted the talents of Academy-award-winning director Taika Waititi, whose recent credits include Jojo Rabbit and Thor: Love and Thunder. In the 150-second advert, we follow the tale of a little girl (played by Anouk Christiansen) who cannot bear to be separated from her snow globe, and along with her father (played by Jared Turner), we learn that it has an important place in her heart.

After discovering the snow globe's significance and ordering a few everyday essentials on Amazon - which is speedily delivered, of course - the father turns a humble paper shredder, fairy lights and a desk fan into a giant snow globe in the family greenhouse. The message, of course, is that with a touch of inventiveness and resourcefulness, anyone can make their own joy.

The snowman Christmas snow globe has all the charm and fun of a regular snow globe but with so much more fun! A loveable snowman with a cardinal is the feature scene inside a glass globe with a polished finish base that works perfectly in any holiday scene.

This traditional style camp lantern is in an antique red finish and holds a scene of snowman and cardinals amid swirling glitter. This design from The Holiday Aisle works well with many casual styles. Soft LED lighting gives a warm glow. This snow lantern can be powered by battery or with the enclosed USB cord and has a timer funcion for 6 hours on and 18 hours off.

The charming, hand-painted scene inside this snow globe features a snowman surrounded by friends, while on the bottom, there is a cute snowy village scene. Wind it up and it plays, "Let It, Snow". Give it a shake to see the sparkly, glittery snow fly. 041b061a72


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