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Spare Parts PSN

Spare Parts is a platform video game developed by EA Bright Light and published by Electronic Arts. It features cooperative gameplay for up to two players. Players can unlock new abilities which can be upgraded, and can also unlock new characters to play as. The story revolves around a pair of robots which become stranded on a planet by a race known as the Krofax. As the robots explore the planet they discover an abandoned spaceship. The ship's computer (voiced by Simon Pegg) informs them that they can find the parts necessary to repair the ship scattered throughout the planet. The robots then set off to find the necessary parts in the hopes of escaping the planet.

Spare Parts PSN

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The story is set around a pair of robots, Mar-T and Chip, who become stranded on a junkyard planet by an alien race known as the Krofax. As they journey they discover an abandoned spacecraft. Con-Rad, the ship's computer, informs the pair that the planet contains enough spare parts to repair the ship, but they are scattered throughout the landscape. The duo then set off to acquire the parts needed to be able to repair it and leave the planet.[4]

Mar-T and Chip journey across the planet, rescuing other stranded robots and recovering parts for the craft. Shortly after exiting one of the planet's caves the robots learn from Con-Rad that the Krofax have constructed a surface-to-air laser that will destroy the ship upon takeoff if not disabled. Con-Rad further reveals that the Krofax leader, Lord Krung, wants to capture the spaceship and use Con-Rad's technologies for nefarious purposes. The robotic pair sabotage the laser which fires lethal shot to Lord Krung's cruiser as it explodes. Awakening on the surface of the planet, Krung sets the self-destruct on what remains of his vessel, threatening to destroy the entire planet.[5]

There are also 100 ship parts scattered around the planet for players to find. Some of the parts were amed after people who worked on the game, others are little nods to our favourite sci-fi films and games. As well as Mar-T and Chip, there are also eight other robots to find and play as in the game. They are hidden around the world and need re-activating to be of use.

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Ive read the wiki page on it and it fisrt says that it increases item drop chance when the sentinel dies suggesting that the actual sentinel has a chance to drop something, later it states that it increases the chance of ammo and health drops after it dies suggesting that it increases the chances of drops from all enemys til the end of the mission after the sentinel dies. Another part says that self destruct makes this mod not work which makes you think that its based on drops from the actual sentinel so I have no idea how it works. Up until recently I just had it on cuz there wasnt anything else to use in its place so why not but I recently got self destruct and coolant leak and some other sentinel mods so now I have to make a choice on whats really useful and whats not so will someone please tell me how spare parts actually works so I know if its worth using or not?

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